In a highly competitive market, equipment and vehicle lessors need efficient and agile technology solutions that can automate underwriting and servicing platforms, drive down expenses and lower asset risk. Lessors with old technology and manual processes are unable to grow revenue and achieve success, and also run the risk of non-adherence to the ever changing Commerce Commision requirements.

finPower Connect is an auto lease servicing platform that efficiently manages equipment leases throughout the lifecycle. Suitable for all types of asset financing, such as car loans and vehicle finance software and leasing. It simplifies lease servicing and collections, and provides detailed view of loans and leases complete with aging and approvals. It is a complete auto lease management software system. Additionally FinPower Connect can be integrated with a range of additional modules to further enhance it’s capabilities, our advanced collections solution that enables lessors to define and automate their collection process. This lending software is ideal for car dealers.

Top Industry Challenges

  • Cost of maintaining existing servicing platform.
  • Efficient tracking of assets at the end of lease term.
  • Manual/outsourced lease servicing reduces efficiency and increases costs

Key Benefits

  • Automated processes that improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Easy tracking of the extended organization such as collection agents and dealers.
  • Improved
  • Will do the mandatory Credit Checking and AML ID verification as per the new Credit Contracts Act amendments
  • The Perfect Auto Dealer software for car loans

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